What is a complaint and how do we handle complaints?

A complaint is a communicative expression of displeasure about any aspect of the Company’s operations and conduct of activities which goes beyond a general inquiry. When a customer is not satisfied with the outcome of his/her inquiry or does not receive a response within a reasonable time, s/he is encouraged to lodge an official complaint to the Customer Support (CS) team for further investigation. Our Customer Support (CS) team are provided with sufficient training and information to be able to recognise where simple complaints should be referred to the formal complaint procedure.

How to complain?

Customers are encouraged to send any general queries, grievances or complaints at the first instance to customer support by contacting them on chat or otherwise by email (as found within the terms and conditions of the brand the complaint relates to.)

The following information should be included in the complaint to help us swiftly identify the issue at hand which improves our response time:

First Name:
Email address:
Phone number:
Brand concerned:
The game which is subject to the complaints:
Disputed Amount:
Date of Incident:
Time of Incident:
A description of the complaint:

Complaints made by social media are not attended to. We encourage to complain only in the manner specified in this policy.

Escalations of Complaints to Managers

Where our customer support agents cannot handle certain specific complaints, our agents will escalate the complaint to a manager.

Where a customer is not satisfied with the response to the initial complaint, the customer may also request that a senior individual review the complaint.

What is a dispute and how do we handle disputes?

A dispute is anything relating to the outcome of a complaint in reference to a gambling transaction and which has not been resolved at the first stage of the complaints procedure. If after a formal response, the complaint has not been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, the matter can be pursued further. The customer may refer the dispute to an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) entity, free of charge. However, customers also have the option to refer their dispute through the European Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform (

Customers should first exhaust our Complaints Handling procedures prior to raising a dispute through an ADR entity, therefore we recommend that for GB customers, ADR disputes are only initiated after 8 weeks from the date the formal complaint was first notified to us. For non-GB customers, please allow a period of at least 10 days.

The appointed ADR entity is the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).

The contact details are the following:

Address: PO Box 62639, London, EC3P 3AS, United Kingdom
Fax Number: +44 02073475882 and Telephone Number: +44 02073475883.

The ADR entity may reserve the right to reject disputes referred for resolution on the basis that they are frivolous or vexatious.

Non-GB customers whose complaint has been unfavorable decided may also complain to the Malta Gaming Authority. Complaints to the Malta Gaming Authority may be made by email on or alternatively via portal

Ineligibility of Claims

No claim or dispute with regard to a transaction that was concluded more than 6 months prior will be considered, except in situations where the customer had no reasonable means to know about the issue leading to the claim at that time, in which case the ninety days start running from the date that the customer could have reasonably known about the matter at hand.

Response Time-Frame

Within 24 hours of receiving a complaint, we aim to contact the customer and acknowledge the complaint.

GB customers: We shall provide a final determination within a maximum of 8 weeks from the date the complaint was first received provided that should we be unable to reach a conclusion within this time-frame due to delays occasioned by the customers (such as were information we requested is provided to us in a period longer than a week), we shall be entitled to an equivalent extension (starting to run from the 7th day of delay onwards).

Non-GB customers: We aim to resolve the complaints within 10 days of receipt of the complaint. Should the inquiry require more time to be resolved, the time period may be extended by a further 10 days.

Where complaints remain unresolved at 8 weeks after the complaint was received in the case of a GB customer, or 10 days in the case of a non-GB customer, a ‘deadlock’ letter will be sent to the customer explaining:

- The final decision
- That this is the end of the complaints process and,
- how to escalate their complaint to an independent ADR entity should they wish to do so.

In respect of disputes raised with an ADR entity, we endeavor to respond in full within ten working days of being notified that a response is required from us by the ADR entity.

Note: We are required to keep a record or all complaints and disputes and all complaints that enter the formal complaints procedure. We are also required to provide a copy of the decision of disputes referred to an ADR entity to the UKGC in respect of GB Players as well as share with the Malta Gaming Authority details of all complaints received on a monthly basis, which will include your personal details.

Right to Court

A customer may at any point prior to reaching an agreement with the Company in respect of a complaint or dispute, file an application before a competent court of law to decide on the dispute.

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